No matter the size of the job, Powers Building Solutions, Inc. ensures each and every customer a top-notch job. We understand that each customer has a budget range and we strive to make sure to stay within it. We also guarantee our work and no job is finished until you are completely satisfied.

We provide quality craftsmanship for every project and promise pride and professionalism on every job. Please contact us at (207) 423-8598 for an estimate. Thank you!

Basic Room Addition, $115 - $250 per square foot and up

Does not include plumbing work. Single room construction.

Multi-Room Addition, $150 - $325 per square foot and up

Multi-rooms mean exactly that! We can remodel bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and can make suggestions to all of your needs.

Two-Story Addition, $175 per square foot and up

This can be an expensive endeavor but we ensure to work with you every step of the way. If your two-story addition needs aren't complex, we'll try to keep your costs down.

Basic Kitchen Upgrade, $12,000 and up

We can handle cabinet replacements, sinks and countertops, too. We also install flooring. Add a coat of fresh paint.

Minor Kitchen Remodel, $18,000 and up

A minor kitchen makeover may include new sinks, countertops, flooring and cabinets. We will work specifically to meet your needs.

Major Kitchen Remodel, $45,000 and up

A complete makeover of your kitchen may include removing everything and starting completely over. We are able to redo your electrical, plumbing, counters, cabinets and sinks. We would also be able to renovate your walls or ceilings of your kitchen area.

Simple Bathroom Upgrade, $10,000 and up

This project may include but is not limited to replacing your toilet, sink, bathtub, lighting, faucets, mirrors, etc. We can also replace vanities or exhaust fans.

Complete Bathroom Remodel, $15,000 and up

A complete bathroom remodel would include removing and installing floors, ceilings, showers, tubs, sinks, faucets, lighting, mirrors and vanity. We would also ensure that your plumbing would be updated and working properly.

Complete Bathroom Remodel (Higher-end), $22,000 - $30,000 and up

Similar to a complete bathroom remodel, this project differs because of the type of workmanship and higher-end products you choose. Another good example of a higher-end project like this would be installing new lighting, plumbing, etc.

Master Bathroom Remodel, $30,000 - $40,000 and up

Similar to higher-end projects, the master bathroom remodel would include finer workmanship like remodeling the entire area. Adding sinks or a shower or tub, installing additional plumbing, installing new walls or flooring are also some examples of this kind of work.

Simple Bathroom Addition, $18,000 and up

A simple bathroom addition could include new fixtures or adding a window or updating existing lighting and plumbing.

Upgraded Bathroom Addition, $30,000 and up

Similar to a simple bathroom addition, this project differs from a larger bathroom area (10" x 12' compared to 6' x 8')

Basements, $45 - $150 per square foot

Whether you'd like to create an in-home office, workshop, or playroom for your family, we can help. We can add proper ventilation, flooring, ceilings, etc.

Finished Attics, $10,000 to $40,000 and up

We can help turn your attic into an additional living space (bedroom or sitting area) or transform it into a highly usable space for storage. We can add proper ventilation also.

Decks, $20 per SF and up for simple PT to $55 per SF and up for upgraded w/Composite

A beautifully finished deck will not only increase the value of your home, it will also make your home the envy of the neighborhood. We can rework existing structures or completely remove it and build you a new deck. The costs for this kind of project is typically based on materials and labor.

Wood Window Replacements, $650.00 per unit and up

Wood window replacements are a perfect energy saving addition to your home and can be done without damaging the existing integrity of your home. The wood color can also be painted or stained to meet your needs.

Vinyl Replacement Windows, $300 per unit and up

Vinyl replacement windows are a good choice when you don't need wood window replacements. Vinyl replacement windows are also energy efficient.

Entry Door Replacements, $800 to $3,000 and up

Replacing the entry door to your home is something that can truly increase the beauty and look of your property. We install some of the highest and most trusted manufacturers.

Patio Doors, $1,500 to $4,000 and up

Patios doors are also another exterior addition that can make your home more appealing. Many patio doors can be stained or painted and come in a number of colors.

Skylights &; Roof Windows, $2,000 - $4,000 per unit

Roof windows and skylights are a beautiful and unique addition to any home. We guarantee to go over the complete project since there are several key aspects such as costs and materials when this kind of work is done.

Porches, $100 to $350 per square foot and up

We can repair any existing standing porch or create a porch for your home. We can install new flooring, rails, steps and stairways. Roofing can also be repaired or newly installed.

Garages, $45 to $75 per square foot and up

No home is complete without a fully functional garage. We can install or repair walls, doors, floors and ceilings and foundations.

Carports, $12,000 - $20,000 and up

We can repair existing carports or install a new one. Carports are a great addition to any home and is also a major selling point when the time comes to sell your property. We ensure that the carport we either repair or build for you will look completely professional.

Handyman Services

No job is too small for us to take on. If you don't feel comfortable with trying to repair something in your home, please don't hesitate to give us a call.